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Post  Legendary_07 on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:42 pm

Pokemon RPG Forum Rules:

Welcome to , the preeminent site for competitive Pokemon on the internet! We hope you find your time here enjoyable and informative, but we must lay down some ground rules to help maintain the high level of quality of our forums. We cannot stress enough that Beta's rules and expectations are a bit different from those found elsewhere on the internet, especially in the sub-forums. The Beta moderation staff assumes that you have thoroughly read the general rules and those specific to the sub-forums in which you choose to post. Full compliance is required; loss of privileges will result if your posting habits are not up to scratch. The following are general rules which are enforced in all sub-forums. Be aware that moderator discretion is supreme in all cases

No open proxies. If you are using an open proxy, you will be IP banned.
Do NOT organize trolls here. If you post here about how you've been trolling a forum, you will be infracted. You aren't safe in Firebot either.
If you get an infraction, and you want to reply to it, think long and hard about that reply. If you respond with flames, sass, etc., you will get a harsh infraction. This applies to harassment of staff outside of the forums for performing their moderating duties.
Do not disrespect the hard work of the RPG site staff. Suggestions are encouraged, but keep it constructive and polite. Further, though it should go without saying, insults and condescension are included under the umbrella of "disrespect", so be careful in your discourse with the staff.
No staff impersonation. This includes any attempt to appear to have certain abilities not possessed; such as using badges as an avatar, using a similar name or other earmarks of staff, or claiming verbally to be staff.
Do not be a Mini-Moderator. This means that you are not to make posts like: “In before lock” “Ban this guy!” “This is a bad thread!” “Off to Trou with this one!” The Beta moderation staff is more than capable of maintaining these forums; please let them do so without your interference.
Do not advertise other sites, especially those related to Pokemon. Do not link to them in your posts or in your signature. We are not interested in learning more about your upstart clan or anything else of that nature. There is a line between linking to another site for convenience or humor and making an attempt to promote another site; we know the difference.
Outside of Firebot, trolling is not allowed. This means keep purely joke posts and one word replies out of the serious forums. If you do not have something substantial to contribute to a thread, do not bother posting. Just think to yourself, "Does my post add something to this thread?" If the answer is no, think twice about hitting that submit button.
This is an English forum. Post in English. Unless your topic is specifically about posting in Spanish or something similar, there is no reason to not post in English.
Employ the conventions of standard written English. Nobody is going to jump down your throat if you make a spelling mistake or split an infinitive, but please, your posts MUST be readable. As you might imagine, l33t 5p34k and other intentional misspellings (u, liek, etc.) are expressly banned. Spell out "you" and "your" instead of typing "u" or "ur." Don't be lazy!
Do not bump old threads. Making meaningless posts in threads that have long since died is strictly prohibited. If you have something of consequence you’d like to add to a thread that has fallen off the front page, feel free to do so. All “bump” “to the top” etc. posts will be infracted and deleted without exception.
Do not register multiple accounts, ever. This is self explanatory. You can change your name a limited number of times in the User CP here. If you create an alternate account when infracted or banned, your ban will be extended or made permanent.
Do not flame or abuse other members. The anonymity of the internet does not give you a license to treat the users of this forum disrespectfully. Of course, posts in Firebot may be an exception, but please refer to the rules of that forum. This rule goes at least triple if the member in question is a moderator or administrator, as alluded to above.
Do not post illegal stuff here! This includes links to ROMs, warez, or anything of the sort. If it's illegal, do not link to it here.
General stupidity is banned. This includes linking to porn sites, shock sites, “lol cats” or anything else in that vein. Similarly, we'd ask you to keep discussions of anime to a minimum. Beta is interested in the competitive aspect of Pokemon, not whether or not Ash beat Lt. Surge on his first try! The discretion of the moderators is supreme in the enforcement of all rules, this one especially.
Do not create threads that do not support discussion. Creating an entire thread to ask a simple question is not acceptable; do a Google search for that stuff. All thread starters are required to provide a good basis for discussion in their opening post.
Do not disparage other internet sites here, especially other Pokemon communities. We are not interested in your trolling episodes- we are above that here at Smogon. Please keep all negative comments about other sites to yourself.
Do not flood or double post. If you have something more to add to a post you have made, please edit it rather than creating a second post.
If your post or thread is edited or deleted by a moderator, do not remake it. It was altered for a reason, and there is nothing else that will earn you an infraction faster than this.
Post all threads in the correct forum. The topic of your thread determines the most appropriate location. For example, you would not post a serious political debate in Firebot or a discussion of Starmie’s prowess in Congregation. It is fairly easy for us to move threads, but it would be nice if you would be conscientious enough to make your threads in the correct places.
Do not send mass PM's for any purpose, especially advertising. Please forward any such PM's to a Super Mod or Administrator if you receive one so that the offender can be dealt with.
All signatures must be at most 100 pixels tall when the signature area is viewed with a width of 500 pixels at the default font size. It must not scroll horizontally at this size. This rule applies to all members.
Because of COPPA, we strictly enforce our age policy. If we somehow determine, or if you announce that you are under the age of 12, you will be banned immediately. No exceptions.
Do not link to shock sites, rick rolls, or other sites designed to scare and/or annoy the person accessing the site. This goes for signatures too.
Read the rules of the sub-forum in which you would like to post before posting. Here are links to each of the rules threads which have been stickied in their respective forums.

Thank you, Pokemon RPG.

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