Want to become unbanned (RULES)

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Want to become unbanned (RULES)

Post  Legendary_07 on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:57 pm

Pokemon RPG Disciplinary Rules and Format:

Pokemon RPG is committed to providing a venue where Pokemon enthusiasts are able to enjoy their hobby free from harassment or abuse of any kind. For that reason, we want to open the lines of communication between our users and the site leaders so that users may alert us to potential problems that interfere with our goal of having the best server around.

If you feel that you have been banned from the Pokemon WiFi Pokemon Online server unjustly, this is where you may file a complaint that will be reviewed by the staff of the Pokemon Online server, the moderators of the forums, and the site administration.

Before posting your complaint, carefully review the rules of the Pokemon Online server and seriously consider whether you broke one of them... intentionally or not. The rules can be found by simply clicking on this paragraph.

If you still believe the ban was unjust after reviewing the rules carefully and considering your situation as dispassionately as you are able, you may post a thread here.

Your thread must include the elements listed below or it will be ignored.

- The username of the staff member who banned you.
- The username you were using yourself when you were banned.
- A complete log or screenshot of the text that is relevant to the question of your banning. Attempting to alter logs will result in permanent banishment from the Pokemon RPG Server & Forum. If we doubt the authenticity of your log, we will pull up the log ourselves from our records.
- An explanation of why you feel that you were banned improperly.

If your thread contains all of the listed elements, your case will be reviewed as soon as we are able, and our final judgment will be issued.

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